How to complete the Goblins in the Garden side quest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands



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Goblins in the Garden is a side quest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands that you can pick up in The Queen’s Gate area after completing the initial main quest in Brighthoof. Before being knighted by Queen Buttstallion, you can head back out to Queen’s Gate and visit the small farm after picking up the side quest from a bounty board. This guide explains how to complete it.

Meet Alma and kill the Goblins

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The quest marker leads you to Alma, who lives at the farm in Queen’s Gate. She asks you to get rid of the Goblins in her garden, which is pretty easy. Go back to the garden and start killing every Goblin you can see. Eventually, you’ll have killed them all and can pick up their teeth as a trophy. You need to take this back to Alma to complete the quest.

While Alma is less than pleased about having to handle the Goblin Teeth you bring to her, she does still pay you for your work. The real point of completing this quest is to unlock A Farmer’s Ardor, which you can now pick up from Flora, who is crying by the side of the farm you just massacred Goblins in.

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