15+ Amazon Baby Gadgets That Will Make Every Parent a Miracle Worker


Despite all the happy moments, parenthood is far from being an easy task. Too little sleep can even add a couple of years to your “biological age”. That’s why you need all the help you can get.

Bright Side decided to show you these Amazon finds that will greatly ease your routine and make your precious journey a lot more fun.

1. Hushh. A portable electronic sound machine will help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep anywhere.

Get the Hushh on Amazon now.

Quality product.

This device comes with 3 sound options: bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf and a wide volume range.

2. A cleaning and drying set for bottles and accessories — everything at hand.

Get the cleaning and drying set on Amazon now.

Easy to wash.

A device with a compact design — simple but efficient.

3. Protect your knees with this bath kneeler!

Get the bath kneeler on Amazon now.


The multicoloured kneeler is a godsend. It is easy to clean and dry and has a non-slip surface. Now you can concentrate on the important things when you give your child a bath.

4. A versatile bathtub — the one you’ll always need.

Get the tub with the net sling on Amazon now.

Great gift!

Grows with the baby through three stages: 1: 0-3 months, 2: 3-6 months, 3: 6+ months.

5. A nasal rinse bottle — great help for the whole family.

Get the nasal rinse bottle from Amazon now.

Effective device.

The device is designed based on human physiological characteristics and gently cleans your nasal passages. It comes with a BPA-free 300 ml bottle and 40 packs of nasal wash salt.

6. A diaper genie will save you quite some time and effort.

Get the diaper genie on amazon now.

Must have!

This device comes with a deodorizer to keep the smell at bay. And your room will be fresh as a daisy.

7. Baby nail trimmer — safety first!

Get the baby nail trimmer on Amazon now.

Quiet and powerful.

Take care of your baby’s nails without anxiety about using scissors.

8. A portable changing pad — a stylish way to keep your baby comfortable.

Get the changing pad on Amazon now.

Classic design.

The diaper bag is very handy and compact. It also looks nice. Grab and go.

9. Cradle cap brush and comb — gets the job done.

Get the baby comb on Amazon now.

Pain free.

It is so effective that you don’t need to buy anything extra.

10. A safe baby nail clipper with illumination.

Get the baby nail clipper on Amazon now.

Good quality.

Makes it possible for a parent to clip a baby’s nails while the baby takes a nap.

11. A portable bidet that is a pain reliever.

Get the portable bidet on Amazon now.

Comfortable use.

This important essential for postpartum care is a must in any maternity bag.

12. A cute bath rinser that can wash baby’s hair in seconds.

Get the rinser on Amazon now.

Durable item.

Due to its bright and colorful design, it can also work as a bath toy. It has a soft rubber lip that helps protect the baby’s eyes.

13. A baby bath support that provides comfort and safety.

Get the bath support on Amazon now.

Highly recommend.

The seat gives you both hands free, so you can give your child a proper bath.

14. An inflatable whale bath tub — no more dull bathing time.

Get the whale tub on Amazon now.


Bathing your child in this little bath can be nothing less than fun. It is great for using at home or while travelling.

15. A cute hat for bathing time — nice way to protect your baby’s ears and eyes.

Get the bath hat on Amazon now.

Fun to use.

The shower cap will allow you to concentrate on the bath time instead of worrying about water getting into the baby’s ears and eyes.

16. “Rain shower” for newborns or “waterfall” for toddlers — sounds like quite a rinser.

Get the rinser on Amazon now.

Safe to use.

The rinser is made from a soft plastic that prevents you from hurting your baby.

What baby gadget can really save your day? What advice can you give to new parents?

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