Ten common household devices racking up your energy bills by £140 a month


As energy costs continue to soar with Autumn fast approaching leading to a drop in temperatures across the country, keeping tabs on your usage is more crucial than ever.

Over the last few months, Martin Lewis has warned Brits about the surge in electricity and gas prices, leading to a cost of living crisis that is only bound to get worse once winter arrives.

There have been warnings of energy bills surpassing £5,000 next April, according to a recent shock forecast.

With many people worried about how they are going to pay their bills it’s important to try and reduce energy usage as much as possible.

Boilers are the most expensive household appliances to run

Boilers are the most expensive household appliances to run

Energy experts at Boiler Central have compiled a list of the ‘top ten’ appliances that zap the most energy in the average home, and how expensive they can be a month, The Sun reports.

Boiler – £78

A necessity for most homes in the UK, especially during the winter months. The average amount a boiler costs to run per month is £78.

According to The Mirror, lowering the temperature on your boiler can cut yearly energy bills by £67.20 for every 10C cut – with one homeowner saving £151.20.

Washing Machine – £14

Boiler Central have said a four person family household pays £14 a month in washing machine costs.

Fridge Freezer – £13

The energy experts also estimate that the Fridge Freezer costs the average home around £13 a month.

However, the better the energy rating the fridge freezer is, the more money you are likely to save each month.

Washing dishes by hand could reduce £10 a month worth of usage

Washing dishes by hand could reduce £10 a month worth of usage

Dishwasher – £10.30

The average family spends around £10.30 a month on using a dishwasher. An easy way to cut costs could be to wash the dishes by hand and use the dishwasher appliance less.

However using excessive water could lead to a higher water bill.

Using a kettle could cost the average home around £10 a month

Using a kettle could cost the average home around £10 a month

Kettle – £9.60

Surprisingly, kettles are up there with the most energy-using appliances. 15 minutes of Kettle use a day can cost £9.60 a month.

Oven – £9.36

The oven usually costs the average household around £10 per month.

Television – £3.45

The TV comes fairly low down on the scale, with average use of television costing around £3.50 pounds a month.

However, turning the devices off at the wall can save you £12 a year, as they may still drain power even when turned off.

Laptop – £1.56

Laptops do not guzzle as much energy as many believe, but still make the top ten list of most expensive devices to run.

Unplugging your laptop when you are not using it will save you 13p a day, or £4.87 a year.

Microwave – £1.60

The energy experts also advise that microwaves cost £1.60 a month if used for 10 minutes each day.

However, like TV’s they also drain power when plugged in and on standby – up to £16 a year.

Mobile phone – 44p

Lastly, the most valuable device to many, mobile phones cost roughly 44p every month to charge up.

Unplugging phone chargers when you’re not using them can mean savings of up to £2 a year.

Keeping track of how much your appliances cost you is always handy when you’re looking to save as much as possible during the tough times ahead.


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